Goals and Performance Management

Offer insight into how employees contribute to your company’s mission, and increase employee motivation, accountability and productivity.

Goals and Performance Management

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With HelloTeam employees can create and track personal goals and align goals with those of the company.


Goals and Performance Management

Goal setting is an important performance management tool that triggers behavior, promotes self-mastery, sustains momentum and aligns employee focus with company objectives, affecting the bottom line with increased employee engagement and retention.

Set Goals

The use of goals provides employees with a sense of job clarity and accountability.

My Team

Create a shared sense of purpose with transparency into what each team member is working on.


Customizable performance management templates to strategize for long term goals.

360° Performance Review

Create effective performance reviews through customizable templates and scorecards.

Goals and Performance Management

50% of companies that review goals and performance on a continuous basis are in the top quartile of financial performance. Implement a framework for goals and performance management that sets clear expectations and offers a structure for setting objectives, initiating performance conversations and offering timely feedback.

Goals and Performance Management
Flexible Goals Management

Compatible with common goal setting methodologies such as MBO, OKR and KPIs.


Ability to customize goals as visible to all or just you and your manager.

Self Assessment

Quick and easy to mark the percentage of completion and make comments on goals.

Continuous Reference

Constant access to past and present goals allows employees to track their progress, as well as stay focused.

Better Development Discussions

Grow the manager-employee relationship and provide the developmental support employees crave.

Company Alignment

Allow employees to understand how their goals align with company’s mission.

Receive feedback from your manager

My Team View

Maximize team performance and create a shared sense of purpose by holding team members accountable for doing quality work.

My Team View

Know the goals of your direct reports and understand how they are related to your goals.

Hobbies and Interests

Intrinsically motivate the people who work for you by giving them assignments that cater to their hobbies and interests.

Training and Certificates

Know what expertise lies within your team and identify areas where training may be needed.


Quick and easy to identify experts and most tenured people.

Career Progression

Increase employee engagement and retention by understanding your reports’ career aspirations.


Increase efficiency by delegating work that plays to teammates’ strengths and develop skills that are missing.

360 Performance Review

Make performance management meaningful, actionable and painless. Offer your team members an ongoing assessment of their performance that is infinitely simpler and more effective than any other type of periodic performance reviews.

360 Degree Feedback

Get valuable feedback from a broad set of perspectives and vantage points

Manager Reviews

Help managers understand their strengths and areas for improvement

Real-time Feedback

Turn performance reviews into real-time, useful coaching discussions

Fully Automated

Use our predefined set of criteria, questions and ratings, and start gathering collaborative feedback in a matter of minutes

Fully Customizable

Our intuitive platform is easy to customize to complement your company’s process

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