Goals and Performance Management

Provide insight into how employees contribute to the company’s mission and increases employee motivation, accountability and productivity.

Goals and Performance Management

Goals and Performance Management

Both employees and managers will love the easy to use goals management module and better yet, will love the ability to build real goals based on a complete employee profile.

Goals and Performance Management
Flexible goals management

Compatible with common goal setting methodologies such as MBO, OKR and KPIs.


Ability to customize goals as visible to all or just you and your manager.

Self Assessment

Quick and easy to mark the percentage of completion and make comments on goals.

Continuous Reference

Constant access to past and present goals allows employees to track their progress, as well as stay focus on the future.

Better Development Discussions

Grow the manager-employee relationship and provide the developmental support employees crave.

Company Alignment

Allow employees to understand how their goals align with company’s mission.

Receive feedback from your manager

My team View

Maximize team performance and create a shared sense of purpose by holding team members accountable for doing quality work.

My team View

Know the goals of your direct reports and understand how they are related to your goals.

Hobbies and interests

Intrinsically motivate the people who work for you by giving them assignments that cater to their hobbies and interests.

Trainings and certificates

Know what expertise lies within your team and identify areas where training may be needed.


Quick and easy to identify experts and most tenured people.

Career progression

Increase employee engagement and retention by understanding your reports’ career aspirations.


Increase efficiency by delegating work that plays to teammates’ strengths and develop skills that are missing.