Your People

Your People

Drive People Success with our Modern Engagement and Talent Management Platform

Drive People Success with our Modern Engagement and Talent Management Platform

HelloTeam is a modern engagement and talent management platform focusing on the main driver of your company’s success – your people. Our comprehensive solution helps teams stay connected and motivated, while enabling HR leaders to develop data-driven strategies for continued success.

HelloTeam Features

Communication and Collaboration

Business units in the top quartile of employee engagement are 17% more productive, suffer 70% less safety incidents, experience 41% less absenteeism and are 21% more profitable. – Gallup


Know the experience, skills and passions that employees are bringing to your organization.

Skills Match

Capitalize on current employees’ talents and form cross-functional teams.

Team Directory

Make it easy to learn about your co-workers and simplify communication.

Org Chart

View entire organization structure in one page. See who your direct reports are.

Culture and Surveys

Being able to articulate the components of your organization’s culture and align it with employee’s values drives employee engagement, retention, happiness and productivity – making your company’s culture a powerful and unique competitive advantage.

Create Surveys

Create your own surveys to measure, track and evaluate employees engagement.

Get Feedback

Create a culture where employees feel heard and that their opinions are valued.

Repeatable Surveys

Repeatable surveys make it easy to collect data that can be compared and analyzed.

Compare Results

Increase external survey validity, identify trends and distinguish pain points.

Engagement and Recognition

Engaged teams experience 65% less turnover, yet ONLY 29% of millennials, 32% of Gen Xers and 33% of baby boomers are engaged in their jobs.

Give a High Five

Increase employee motivation by recognizing good work with a High Five!

Email Notifications

Stay connected on the go with High Five notifications through email or Slack.


Never miss an opportunity to recognize employees for the work they have been doing.


Personalize recognition with out of the box and custom badges. (Coming soon)

Goals and Performance Management

Goal setting is an important performance management tool that triggers behavior, promotes self-mastery, sustains momentum and aligns employee focus with company objectives, affecting the bottom line with increased employee engagement and retention.

Set Goals

The use of goals provides employees with a sense of job clarity and accountability.

My Team

Create a shared sense of purpose with transparency into what each team member is working on.


Customizable performance management templates to strategize for long term goals.

360° Performance Review

Create effective performance reviews through customizable templates and scorecards.

People Analytics

Utilize predictive analytics to strategically manage your workforce, as well as support the return on investment for your people and culture programs.

Hiring and Headcount

Pinpoint hiring statistics and identify trends by segmenting based on department, location and position.

Turnover and Retention

Utilize turnover and retention analytics to guide employee engagement initiatives and identify pain points.


Increase retention by proactively identify employees in need of career advancement opportunities.

Upward Mobility

Simplify succession planning by using maturity trends and employee skills to create paths of upward mobility.

Why HelloTeam?

HelloTeam is a subscription based SaaS designed for all people in an organization. Whether you’re an HR admin looking for an accurate org chart, an employee trying to find a colleague with a certain skill or a manager looking for detailed info on their team our solution is built for you.

What Sets HelloTeam Apart?

All-in-One platform designed with people in mind

Integrated partner

Seamlessly sync new employee data with our easy-to-use ADP integration

Instant Insights

No need to conceptualize or build your own reports, our platform does it automatically for you. Just view and go

Rapid Time to Value

We do all the hard work behind the scenes, all you do is invite your team and begin to use our platform

Quick and Easy Implementation

Import your organization in seconds and be on your way with our intuitively designed platform

Why HelloTeam?

Our Customers

We work with the world’s most innovative organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, that recognize the value of an engaged, connected and inspired workforce.

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