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Optimize performance and increase the impact of your People Success decisions. Use real employee data to measure and manage performance, engagement, and sentiment. Compare recognition activity to survey responses and share insights on your culture across your organization.

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Instant People Analytics

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Hiring And Headcount

Pinpoint hiring growth statistics by segmenting employees based on department, location and position.

Engagement Activity

Learn who your most engaged people are with high fives activity, sentiment surveys, reviews data, and more.

Upward Mobility

Simplify succession planning with feedback, appraisals, and employee skills that create paths of upward mobility.

Turnover And Retention

Use our analytics to help pinpoint pain points and identify causes of turnover across your organization.

Maturity Trends

Increase retention by proactively identifying employees due for career advancement opportunities.

Decision Support

Quick and easy access to data makes tough decisions simple again.

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