Engagement and Recognition

Creating a culture that consistently recognizes the work employees are doing increases employee engagement, motivation, productivity and company loyalty.

<br>Engagement and Recognition

Engagement and Recognition

There is a strong correlation between employee engagement and performance recognition. In a recent Gallup study, 83% of employees who worked at a company with a structured recognition program were content with their jobs.

Boost a culture of recognition, and watch your employees take you to new heights.

Engagement and Recognition
Quick and Easy

Let a teammate know you value their contribution with the click of the high-five button.


Make employees feel valued, appreciated and important by showcasing the high-fives employees have received.

Stay Motivated

Recognition that aligns with the purpose, brand and culture of the company inspires teammates with its aspirational identity.

HelloTeam Recognition Program

Use the HelloTeam Platform recognition features to promote employee engagement.

HelloTeam Recognition Program

Give a High Five

Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes. Give a virtual High Five to your teammates to recognize their contributions in real time.

Make a Difference with Company Badges

Set a dynamic culture of appreciation that makes recognition fun and meaningful. Celebrate exemplary behaviors publicly for your entire workforce to aspire to.

HelloTeam Recognition Program

Recognition Badges

HelloTeam makes it easy to give recognition that is instant, visible and meaningful. Tap on the pulse of your company culture and boost engagement with our fun recognition badges.

Recognition Badges
Quick Start

Choose from our predefined badges for a quick start!


Modify your favorite badge icons, names and descriptions.


Design new company badges to best fit your company’s culture.


Assign badges to the employees to boost their performance and engagement.


Promote healthy competition among teams.


Share employee achievements on the HelloTeam dashboard.