Culture and Surveys

HelloTeam makes it easy to scale your company’s culture and conduct surveys to measure employee engagement.

Culture and Surveys


HelloTeam provides you with out of the box culture and engagement surveys, as well as ability to create your own customized surveys. Create multiple survey question types (scaled, multiple choice, open ended, etc), collect anonymous feedback and more…


Option to use pre-made culture and engagement surveys or to create your own customized survey.

Anonymous Feedback

Provide employees with the opportunity to share their honest opinions.


Examining results overtime allows for ease in tracking changes in sentiment and visualizing effects of strategy.

Notify me

Send/receive survey notifications in email, dashboard and Slack.


Receive a culture score assessment per department and location.

Recurring Surveys

Set it and forget it – send recurring surveys with the touch of a button.

Multiple questions types

Ability to choose between scaled, multiple choice, open ended among other question types.

Decide Who

Segment respondents by locations, departments or users to get the specific feedback you are seeking.

On the Go

Compatible with any device, making it easy and convenient to take surveys on the go.

Set Repeatable Surveys on the Go

Ensure that your company is reaching long-term employee engagement goals by setting repeatable surveys on the go and comparing the results over time.

Set Repeatable Surveys on the Go

Analyze specific periods in time with detailed statistics.


Use the different charts to prove your point about the effectiveness of different initiatives.


Develop an effective strategy and prioritize urgent issues.