Tanya Bakalov at EY Strategic Growth Forum 2017

Tanya Bakalov EY Strategic Growth

Last week Tanya Bakalov attended the EY Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, California. This by-invitation-only event is the country’s most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies. The forum brings under one roof over 2,000 of the nation’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, and other senior business leaders. The Forum concludes with the Entrepreneur Of The Year® National Awards gala, the […]

Silver Award in 2017’s ‘Women in Business & The Professions World Awards’

Woman in Business 2017 Silver Award

Tanya Bakalov, Founder & CEO of HelloTeam, wins 2017’s ‘Women in Business & The Professions World Awards’ Silver Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year  (1-10 employees) and Bronze Award for Female Innovator of the Year. The coveted annual Women World Awards program encompasses the world’s best in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services, […]

100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q2 2017

HR technology recruiting tools

The competition for your HR Technology dollar is more cutthroat – and more lucrative – than ever before. This means, of course, getting ahead of that competition requires these technology providers to offer products or platforms that are truly innovative in their approach to solving some of our biggest talent challenges. This marks something of a departure from the […]

Tanya Bakalov interviewed by NECN News

Tanya Bakalov interview on NECN news

As part of the CEO Corner Program, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Winner 2016, Tanya Bakalov, was interviewed by NECN News on the hot topic of entrepreneurship in New England. Key discussions revolved around the current state of new and startup companies, the entrepreneur climate of the times, their own personal experiences on what makes […]

BetterSkills Unveiled

Tanya Bakalov

Earlier this week, BetterSkills, a Boston-based software provider, officially unveiled its business operations. The main focus for the company at present time is developing its platform to aid businesses with organization and talent development. This software-as-a-service is aimed at analyzing the current skill sets of employees, identifying areas they excel in, as well as weak points […]

HrDive Article

tracking employee performance

BetterSkills launches SaaS platform geared towards tracking employee performance. This week, the ‘2016 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ winner Tanya Bakalov announced the launch of BetterSkills, a $1M venture-backed talent development SaaS platform. BetterSkills was dreamed up by Bakalov to “provide a clear and decisive way to train employees, improve work skills, and give them […]

Tanya Bakalov Wins Silver Stevie Award 2016

Tanya Bakalov Silver Stevie Award 2016

Tanya Bakalov, the CEO and Founder of BetterSkills wins Silver Stevie Award 2016 for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in category Business Products –11 to 2,500 Employees. Read the original article here. The Stevie Award Competitions were created in 2002 to recognize accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people worldwide. The 2002 awards were called The American […]