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tracking employee performance

BetterSkills launches SaaS platform geared towards tracking employee performance. This week, the ‘2016 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ winner Tanya Bakalov announced

the launch of BetterSkills, a $1M venture-backed talent development SaaS platform. BetterSkills was dreamed up by Bakalov to “provide a clear and decisive way to train employees, improve work skills, and give them options for career growth.”

  • In their press release, Bakalov says, “By building the right sets of skills via informal and formal learning goals, and setting a personalized professional development path for each employee, we can help transform work cultures, enhance employee productivity and improve overall job retention and satisfaction.”
  • Bakalov shares that the BetterSkills process uses algorithms to pick up patterns to better understand employee development and match employees to the right mentors.

Dive Insight:

The launch of BetterSkills and other SaaS platforms geared towards the overall employee experience is welcome news for employers trying to increase the interest level in learning programs. This roll-out looks to be based on proven data on what works.

It’s based on the way that humans learn, through natural language, but it also focuses on learning data which can help employers monitor the actual return on investment during the course of each employee’s learning experience. This is powerful information to have during a time when this data is currently lacking or hard to pinpoint with any degree of accuracy.

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