The competition for your HR Technology dollar is more cutthroat – and more lucrative – than ever before. This means, of course, getting ahead of that competition


requires these technology providers to offer products or platforms that are truly innovative in their approach to solving some of our biggest talent challenges.

This marks something of a departure from the more traditional legacy providers (traditionally speaking), whose roadmaps have long been iterative (at best).

For these aspiring category killers, of course, competition kind of sucks.  But for recruiters, HR leaders, candidates and the employees we serve, it’s kind of a win win.

After all, we all get better HR tech that’s simpler to use, cheaper to implement and more effective at solving even the most persistent talent challenges, like candidate experience or writing job descriptions that are actually worth reading or whatever trending topic happens to be hot in talent today.

So consider this list something of a State of the HR Technology Union – and know that it’s a pretty good time to be in this business. They say the geeks will inherit, and nowhere is that prediction proving more prescient than in the weird little world of talent acquisition and management.

Consider this list 100+ proof points that recruiting is not only not broken, contrary to popular belief, but with these new tools and technologies, it’s actually working better than ever before. It’s a great time to be in this business. Trust me.

This list is designed with HR & recruiting practitioners in mind. It’s my hope that you will find something on here that can help your talent organization function effectively or efficiently, address a particular pain point or actual business problem you’re having, or just helps make your job(and life) a little bit easier.

If you see something you like, remember that this list is only a first step; you’ll want to do your own due diligence – and a demo – to make sure that it’s the right fit for you and your organization. If you like what you see – or if you don’t – make sure you share what you learned with your peers, along with any feedback you can provide to make their search for the latest and greatest in HR Technology a little simpler, too.

To make this list as easy as possible for practitioners to understand and utilize, I wanted to add a few housekeeping and addendum items before we get started. This list is in alphabetical order. This list is not meant to be exhaustive nor inclusive of the thousands of great HR and recruiting tech out there in the world.

Some of these entrants might include companies to which I’m either an advisor or consultant or which might be current, former or prospective RecruitingDaily clients. While I am not explicitly calling these out on this list, I don’t believe in conflicts of interest, either.

If you want, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to walk you through this specific list of plays. I have no problem telling you any of this information and want to be as upfront as possible if you’re interested. All my advisor roles are noted within my LinkedIn bio.

This is just a list of who I find interesting at this moment, and not intended as a recommendation. Again, if you want a specific rationalization or justification for why I included any of these technologies on this list, I’m happy to share that, too.

The categories listed are ones that I have defined instead of the companies themselves. This means that while the vendors on the list may see themselves differently than how I’ve categorized them, this is how I see them, instead.

Turns out, it’s nearly impossible to categorize HR Technology or software. But they’ll likely set you straight if you set up a demo on what their product does, where it fits, and how (and if) it can help solve your biggest talent challenges of today – and tomorrow.The 100+ HR Technologies To Watch | Q1 2017 Edition.

Without further ado, I’m excited to present the list of the:

 Top HR Technologies to Watch in Q2 2017:

Name || Category || Twitter

And there you have it. All of it. At least, until we put out our next edition in Q3 (probably Julyish), so if you have a cool new HR technology or talent tool we may have overlooked, please let me know by leaving a comment below, and we’ll review and revise accordingly.

Remember: a demo a day keeps mediocrity away. And in this business, that’s about all you can ask for.

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