When Employees Discuss Their Pay

One of the most classic human resources conundrums is how to handle employees discussing their wages. It can cause issues and frustration, which makes many people leaders want to prevent it from occurring. You shouldn’t forbid it (and, per the National Labor Relations Act, you can’t legally forbid pay discussion at all). Workers are actually […]

The Six Step Employee Retention Plan

We’ve never seen employee turnover this rampant.  Not only do 4 million employees nationwide quit their jobs every month, but one out of every 3 new employees leave their new positions after six months or less. This messes with productivity and culture while skyrocketing the cost of recruitment. Maintaining high employee retention within your organization […]

What Are Benchmarked Surveys?

Surveys are one of the most dynamic tools on an HR expert’s utility belt, but that doesn’t mean they always reveal the full picture. Sure, asking the team what soda they want the Halloween party stocked with will certainly bring a straightforward answer. Asking how strongly employees feel recognized around the office, on the other […]

The True ROI of Employee Engagement

Even with all the data that’s come out in recent years, some leaders and CFOs are timid when it comes to budgeting for employee engagement.

Announcing Our Partnership With UKG!

One of our greatest strengths at HelloTeam lies in our connections. We’ve just made another one – we’ve integrated and partnered with UKG and their world-renowned HR platform to link their users with our employee engagement features. UKG takes a life-work technology approach to HR, payroll and workforce management—delivering solutions that help businesses anticipate and […]

How to Give a Performance Review to a Difficult Employee

Do I dread performance review season, or do I dread some of the people I’m reviewing? That’s the question HR leaders and managers all over the world ask themselves when it’s time to evaluate their staff’s recent output. Even the folks with the most compassion for their employees will run into one that makes a […]