One of our greatest strengths at HelloTeam lies in our connections. We’ve just made another one – we’ve integrated and partnered with UKG and their world-renowned HR platform to link their users with our employee engagement features.

UKG takes a life-work technology approach to HR, payroll and workforce management—delivering solutions that help businesses anticipate and adapt to employees beyond just work. That’s why we found it important to join up with them and bring the UKG-HelloTeam combination to fruition.

HelloTeam integrates with UKG Pro® enabling a customer to sign on to HelloTeam and seamlessly bring key people data found on UKG Pro right into our platform. We know that time is money, especially in respect to the length of onboarding processes, so we’ve enabled our users to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Our integrations are a large part of who we are at HelloTeam,” said Tanya Bakalov, CEO, “and our new partnership with UKG is one I’m very excited about. Combining our performance and engagement platform with their payroll & workforce management tech creates a powerful, all-in-one solution I’m proud to be a part of.”

The quickest way to bring HelloTeam and UKG together is by visiting the UKG marketplace, where HelloTeam has a home as a top-rated HR solution. Meet with HelloTeam and see how engagement features like our high five tool and dynamic org charts pair perfectly with UKG’s workplace management software. Boost employee retention with a solution for everything you can think of.


HelloTeam is an all-in-one Performance Management and Employee Engagement platform that is designed to increase accountability through goals, streamlined 360 performance reviews, conduct one-on-ones for real-time feedback, and administer surveys to increase engagement.

HelloTeam’s verified, 5-star G2 reviews speak for themselves:

“Getting targeted, constructive feedback from my manager is super easy with their performance review feature. Their platform provides a specific, actionable, always available reference with regards to performance, company/personal goals, and “high fives” we use to highlight outstanding performance. Conversely, providing my team with targeted, actionable performance reviews from a single platform is a breeze.”

“HelloTeam is very user friendly for our company. We have been able to create custom surveys, we just finished our first official round of performance reviews, and we are finding new ways to utilize the systems’ features all the time. The best thing about HelloTeam is the actual team behind the product! They are always available, strategize with me on how best to use the system, and have been able to produce customized solutions for me. This has made it so easy to partner with them and move forward with so many great processes!”For more information, visit HelloTeam on the UKG Marketplace.

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