Earlier this week, our Founder & CEO, Tanya Bakalov had the opportunity to sit down with Colin Barry of VentureFizz for a Q&A about how her new Boston based start-up is helping  businesses expand upon their employee engagement strategies. For Tanya, HelloTeam has been a natural progression in her professional career. After co-founding SevOne with her husband and witnessing a tremendous amount of growth, the need for a talent management and engagement platform that retains that special and unique culture of a start-up became clear. So, instead of signing a 12-month contract with another solution, she decided she could take her experience as a people leader and dedicate her next venture to creating a solution 100% designed for each and every employee in the company.

Teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive than those with low engagement. (Source: Gallup). Given this hyper compelling statistic, the value of a well oiled engagement software has compelling investment justification. Not only does the business unit benefit from a more engagement workforce, but individual employees and teams have a greater level of fulfillment. Whether you give a colleague a ‘high-five’ for going above and beyond or employees are given more opportunity for internal mobility, there are a variety of methods to increase engagement … leading to happy outcomes all around.

As many of you know, our company re-branded from the original name of BetterSkills to HelloTeam. In the Q&A with Colin, Tanya takes you through the process behind the decision to re-brand and and even more importantly the founding motivations behind the overall company vision. We think this is a pretty good read, so check it out here!

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