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HelloTeam Receives 11 Badges and High Ranks from’s Spring 2022 report is here, and we here at HelloTeam are happy to announce that our employee retention software once again received a great number of accolades in the Employee Engagement and Performance Management categories.

As a trusted peer-to-peer review site, G2 ranks the best software products on the market every season largely based on the reviews given by consumers. With each great review that recognizes HelloTeam’s impressive usability and customer-centricity, our platform works its way up the G2 ranks.

Thanks to the great reviews we’ve received from our customers, we average 4.8 out of 5 stars on and we’ve nestled ourselves firmly among the highest ranking software on the market. Out of 31 total categories, we were Top Five in 11 and Top Ten in 16, often against 100+ competitors. Some of our most impressive results were:

  • 2nd out of 99 in the Usability Index for Employee Engagement
  • 4th out of 96 in the Implementation Index for Employee Engagement
  • 3nd out of 111 in the Relationship Index for Employee Engagement
  • 2nd out of 78 in the Results Index for Employee Engagement
  • 2nd out of 57 in the Results Index for Performance Management
  • 4th out of 71 in the Usability Index for Performance Management

Our success as an employee retention platform also stretches overseas – for the second straight quarter, we’ve earned a “High Performer – Europe” award for our popularity outside North America. Thanks to our international success and our continued high ranks across performance indexes, G2 awarded HelloTeam 11 fantastic badges across several categories, including:

Last but not least, we earned the coveted, “Leader – Spring 2022” badge, solidifying HelloTeam as one of the top employee engagement platforms available today.

The workplace has never evolved as quickly as it has over the past two years, for both desk and deskless workers. HelloTeam’s system has been engineered to perfectly fit today’s mix of remote, hybrid, and in-office companies without sacrificing any engagement or productivity. We’re an employee retention platform that’s actually built for the employee. 

Our unique combination of connected goals, continuous performance management, manager-employee one-on-ones, learning, engagement surveys with instant people analytics, and real-time peer recognition empowers every employee to connect with and contribute to their culture wherever they work. This drives employee retention while making HR teams and managers more productive, giving your organization the competitive edge it needs.

If you want to improve retention, build culture, and engage your workforce, you can schedule a demo with HelloTeam right here — see what all the buzz is about!

Thank you to our dedicated customers, G2, and of course, our world-class Service and Sales team for the continued recognition. See you next season!

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