2022 was another huge year for HelloTeam! As an all-in-one performance management and employee engagement platform, there’s not a lot we can’t do… but we know Human Resources is a career with more responsibilities than even we can cover. That’s why we used this year to focus on helping with everything else.


HRIS Integrations were the biggest highlight of this past year, with a HelloTeam integration for every task you can think of. You might have heard of one of our newest and most essential teammates: BambooHR. Now, how does HelloTeam’s all-in-one solution combine with a different robust HR provider?

BambooHR and HelloTeam’s platforms don’t clash with each other, nor are they opposites. The two of us perfectly complement each other – pairing our employee retention and social community platform with their core HR and payroll tools acts as a winning formula for businesses small and large. We meld with their features to totally streamline HR processes, allowing you to let us handle everything.

That’s why we’re now available on BambooHR’s marketplace as an integration partner! You can automate the importing of new and current employees onto our platform and transfer all their data in minutes, so you can get right to work using HelloTeam’s engagement features with all the employee data you were working with in BambooHR.

We’ve done something similar this year with another winning HRIS, UKG Pro®. HelloTeam integrates with UKG Pro enabling a customer to sign on to HelloTeam and seamlessly bring key people data found on UKG Pro right into our platform. We know that time is money, especially in respect to the length of onboarding processes, so we’ve enabled our users to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Just like BambooHR, you can find us by visiting UKG’s marketplace, where HelloTeam has a home as a top-rated HR solution.

We have too many other powerful integrations, including ADP, Namely, and more, for us to even scratch the surface here! Check out our article on each of our integrations to learn more.

G2’s Rankings

Our favorite part of each quarter is seeing how HelloTeam ranked in G2’s seasonal reports. As a trusted peer-to-peer review site, G2.com ranks the best software products on the market every season largely based on the reviews given by consumers. With each great review that recognizes HelloTeam’s impressive usability and customer-centricity, our platform works its way up the G2 ranks.

HelloTeam has never earned better reviews and rankings than it did in 2022. We’ve gathered a total of 195 user reviews averaging 4.8 stars out of 5 – a huge sample size for a rating that high! G2 also gave us a top 5 ranking in countless categories throughout the year, including a 1st place ranking out of 75 eligible platforms in the Results Index for Employee Engagement.

Our platform receives dozens of badges each year denoting specific successes, but there are two this year in particular we’d like to point out. For the first full year, each quarter, HelloTeam received an Overall Leader badge and a High Performer – Europe badge. 

The High Performer – Europe badge is awarded for exceptional performance overseas in Europe, and the Leader badge is awarded for exceptional performance, well, everywhere! These are just two of the many badges HelloTeam is awarded each quarter – keep an eye on our wire to see what we win next time.

Here’s to a great 2023 for HelloTeam and our customers!

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