As you get started with HelloTeam it is important to remember ‘the first impression’ you give to your team as you introduce them to their new work companion, ‘HelloTeam’.

In our experience, a warm welcome has gone a long way. Share some insight as to what you hope they get out if the system, why did you want to provide them this platform, and what would you like them to do to get started. Whether you are rolling HelloTeam out to your entire team for the first time or introducing a new employee to the platform, the below messaging can be used as template for you to customize.

You are officially part of the team, and we want to say ‘Hello’. You should have received an email granting you access to HelloTeam – the platform you will use frequently to stay on top of all things relevant to our company and your success here. You may access your employee profile by using the same login credentials you use to access your company email. Once you are on the main HelloTeam page, click on My Profile on the left-hand side and explore the various sections you can populate:

To Get Us Started, Let’s Explore and Complete the Following Sections:

You are all set! Now’s your time to explore HelloTeam. We’ll cheer you on every step of the way. If you have any questions please send a quick note to your system admin.

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