Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could be automated? HelloTeam streamlines and automates processes like performance reviews, employee rewards, and goal setting – but hey, we can’t quite do EVERYTHING. That’s why we got together with our newest partner, BambooHR, to fill in each other’s gaps.

You may have heard of BambooHR, one of the top HRIS platforms available today, or you may even currently be using their software today. They enable businesses to maintain and monitor core HR, benefits administration, hiring & job applications, and payroll. They’re an excellent employee experience platform… but why are we telling you about them?

BambooHR and HelloTeam’s platforms don’t clash with each other, nor are they opposites. The two of us perfectly complement each other – pairing our employee retention and social community platform with their core HR and payroll tools acts as a winning formula for businesses small and large.

That’s why we’re available on BambooHR’s marketplace as an integration partner! With BambooHR, we’re not just a separate platform, we can meld with their features to totally streamline HR processes. You can automate the importing of new and current employees onto our platform and transfer all their data in minutes, so you can get right to work using HelloTeam’s engagement features with all the employee data you were working with in BambooHR.

In addition to easing your onboarding to the HelloTeam platform, our tech includes the ability to automatically update your data between BambooHR and HelloTeam on a regular and scheduled basis to ensure that your numbers stay accurate and aligned as your teams grow and change.

We can also easily do a CSV import of your employee data, and will be happy to help put this process on a regular schedule.

Check us out on the BambooHR Marketplace here! They’re by no means the only HRIS we’re integrated with – learn all about our many other integrations, from SSO to messaging, in our blog here!

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