BOSTON, MA – HelloTeam, Inc. (formerly BetterSkills, Inc.) a cutting-edge employee engagement and talent management SaaS platform, announced it has rebranded as HelloTeam. The comprehensive rebrand elevates their disruptive employee engagement and talent management software and includes a new logo, messaging, website and product release. The new name embodies the company’s belief that people and teams who are seen, heard and valued are more connected, engaged and inspired, directly influencing productivity and profitability.

Employee engagement is major concern for people leaders across all industries. According to Deloitte Global and Human Capital Trends (2015), 87% of companies around the globe cite employee engagement and culture issues as one of their top challenges. Additionally, 36% of people switching jobs did so because they were “dissatisfied with the work environment/culture” of their previous employer – Why and How People Change Jobs, LinkedIn. With domestic unemployment rates at an all-time low (4.1%, Oct 2017), the candidate pool to replace outgoing talent is dwindling. People and business leaders require tools and methods to place special emphasis on retaining top talent, growing success and fostering job mobility from within. HelloTeam provides a solution that not only boosts employee engagement across distributed teams, but provides proactive on-demand insights and analytics into the evolution of the entire workforce. This allows people leaders to make data-driven decisions around a business’s most important asset, its people.

“We are seeing an overwhelming need for a solution that can both drive and foster employee engagement, all while compiling data that can be used to identify future leaders, allocate resources, anticipate turnover and better understand employees on an individual level. With that, we are proud to bring HelloTeam to the market. Our platform was specifically designed for use by everyone in an organization that can ultimately provide business leaders data and insights they require to build strong and data-driven people strategies. Today is an exciting day for our company. Our new name ties strongly into what we believe in: that people who are seen, heard and valued drive success.” – Tanya Bakalov, CEO & Founder.

The new name comes alongside a complete rebrand, inclusive of a new logo, color scheme, fully-responsive website and product release, which includes not only the rebrand, but feature updates as well. HelloTeam’s rebranding further enables the company to stand out from the typical HR software offerings currently on the market, characterizing their brand as bold, creative and engaging in a market with a high focus on retention.

Founded by the 2016 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, Tanya Bakalov, HelloTeam is backed by $2.7 million in funding from Bain Capital Ventures, Osage Ventures, VT Technology Ventures and select angels.

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Over the course of the coming weeks and months, users will also find an increased dedication to educational content geared towards providing people leaders the latest guides and trends to talent management and employee engagement.

Since the latest major announcement, HelloTeam has made several strong product advancements that included:

Visit to begin exploring HelloTeam’s rebranded platform and learn how you can begin transforming your workforce today. You can also connect with HelloTeam on Twitter, and LinkedIn or by emailing or calling 857-263-3936
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