Should You Follow These 2023 Recruitment Trends?

As we barrel towards 2024, we’re finally entering an era where workplace trends can evolve without being inherently connected to the Covid-19 pandemic or the remote work revolution. It feels good, doesn’t it? While these workplace trends grow and change, there’s one industry that grows and changes right alongside it: recruitment. Recruitment strategies often act […]

What’s Quiet Hiring… And is it a Bad Thing?

So, first we had quiet quitting… then came quiet firing… and now there’s quiet hiring? What are all these workplace trends, where are they coming from, and why do they all have to be so silent?

Five Surprising Trends Shaping the Future of Hybrid Work

woman and dog working at a laptop from home

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the globe, business leaders have been speculating as to whether the sudden switch to remote work would have long lasting ramifications after the pandemic. Well, it’s the future – “after the pandemic” has finally arrived. As economies have opened back up, many businesses have committed to bringing their […]