The HR Expert’s Guide to OKRs

Almost all managers have some sort of goal-setting routine for their team; it’s a natural part of being a leader and delegator.

OKRS for Company Success

Many large and successful companies have engaged their employees by using a goal setting framework called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

OKR Sins – Six Common Mistakes Made When Using OKRs

OKR mistakes

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method is a popular and efficient way to guide a workforce into achieving a long term goal for a company. By setting an Objective (a broad mission statement) and several Key Results (shorter, measurable assignments) great strides can be made in a quick and organized manner. The method seems […]

Examples of Great OKRs From Different Industries

Great OKRs from industries

OKRs (Objectives-Key Results) are a remarkably helpful method to help roll out long term goals for a workplace. While laying out a list of tasks to your staff can be effectively comprehensive, they may end up overtaking each other in importance and clouding the main mission statement of your business. Instead, OKRs take the most […]

How OKRs can help your company reach greater success

OKRs for company success

The success of your company is defined in relation to the goals you set. Did you also know, though, that the type of goals you set can be the very key to reaching that success? What are OKRs?   The OKR (Objectives-Key Results) Method is a goal setting framework engineered by former CEO of Intel Andy Grove that […]

How to Align Employee Goals to Your Company Strategy

building business leadership

There is a lot of talk about employee and career goals, but neither are effective if they are not being tied back to the company’s overall strategy and vision. Communicating the company’s goals in the beginning and then aligning individual goals towards the attainment of that goal prevents wasted effort and allows the contributions of each […]