Examples of Great OKRs From Different Industries

Great OKRs from industries

OKRs (Objectives-Key Results) are a remarkably helpful method to help roll out long term goals for a workplace. While laying out a list of tasks to your staff can be effectively comprehensive, they may end up overtaking each other in importance and clouding the main mission statement of your business. Instead, OKRs take the most […]

The Summer of Travel – How to Prepare for Employee PTO

out of the office written in the sand

It’s finally coming to a close. Millions of newly vaccinated Americans are saying goodbye to quarantine and moving forward in a society that gets to call itself, “post-COVID-19”. While this is an incredible milestone for 2021, there’s one side effect that has employers a bit concerned about the summer: vacation time & PTO. The pandemic’s […]

How Learning Management Systems Can Save Your Team’s Performance

employee performance reviews

When it comes to training employees, onboarding and continual learning programs are the seeds that grow forests of productivity. Companies have spent decades trying to engineer their own learning materials and techniques… with varying degrees of success.  There have been all sorts of methods of teaching workers what they need to know for their jobs, […]

Announcing the HelloTeam Mobile App!

HelloTeam integrates with ADP, Slack, Google and more

For the first time in over a year, we’re all just about ready to get out of the house and live life on our feet. Feel free to go anywhere this summer – with the new HelloTeam mobile app, you’ll be able to communicate with and engage your team from the palm of your hand. […]

Six Fun Games to Play With Your Remote Staff

games with remote staff

While there are numerous advantages to utilizing a remote workforce to operate and run your company, one of the biggest drawbacks is the loss of the sense of community you get from working together in person.  If video conference meetings are the closest your staff gets to interactive teamwork, you may have to go a […]

Seven reasons your workplace should be built upon communication

a workplace built on communication

Communication between the management team and the workforce is absolutely vital to the success of any organization. What becomes an obstacle, however, is not the company’s capability to communicate between themselves – it’s their commitment to it. Too often you’ll find a company that believes scheduling meetings and sending out daily newsletters can substitute for […]

Don’t miss our free webinar on Performance Management and Employee Engagement!

Mark June 10th on your calendars — we’re holding a free webinar on Performance Management and Employee Engagement! HelloTeam’s own Kendra Guersoy and Christopher Malise will chat about how organizations can utilize technology like HelloTeam to engage top talent and maximize productivity. To punctuate their discussion, Kendra and Chris will show a product demo of […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Employee Communication Strategy

improve employee communication strategy

We live our lives in front of our screens. The swift transition to remote working environments has caused many employees to spend even more time on screen. It is no wonder then that companies today experience unique challenges when it comes to employee communication. How do we prevent oversaturation with the constant bombardment of emails, […]

How To Work With Your Employees In The Age Of Coronavirus

employees in the age of coronavirus

On every corner, there is a new story about coronavirus. Its global impact has created an endless list of misinformation regarding the current state of the virus. We decided to take a step back and evaluate all the data that is currently available regarding coronavirus and not react to what has already been played up […]