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At HelloTeam, we understand that Performance Reviews and Goal formats vary from company to company. That’s why we’ve created a platform that puts flexibility at the forefront. 
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50% of companies that review performance and goals on a continuous basis are in the top quartile of financial performance. ~Gallup

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Flexible, automated performance reviews, configurable for any cycle or process.


Document, share, and track progress against goals that align with your business and culture.


Schedule and document recurring one-one’s for continuous coaching and feedback.


Re-evaluation Evaluations

Consistent, fast and impactful review cycles that offer insight into how employees contribute to your company’s mission, and increase motivation, accountability and productivity.

Performance Reviews including 360's

Get valuable feedback from a broad set of perspectives and vantage points

Employee Self Reviews

Ensure alignment by enabling employees to participate and share their perspectives in the review process

Manager Reviews

Help managers understand their strengths and areas for improvement

Review Templates

Use our predefined set of criteria, questions and ratings, and start gathering collaborative feedback in a matter of minutes

Flexible, Accessibility and Automation

Multiple review methods including 360, Anniversary, Annual, Bi-annual, Quarterly, etc. Accessible via mobile. Automated reminders and completion status/tracking views.


Company, Team and Personal Goal Tracking

Enable employees to understand how their goals align with the company’s mission.

Cascading Goals

Create company goals with description, due date and key results that can be applied to teams and individuals.

Due Dates enforce Accountability

Set up monthly, quarterly, yearly and custom company goals.

Manage Key Results

Document and share status, mark as complete or edit/copy/delete key results.
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Performance Reviews and Goals

Performance and Goal Alignment

Performance management and goal tracking offer insight into how employees contribute to your company’s mission, while simultaneously increasing productivity, accountability, motivation, and inspiration.

Review Options to Fit Your Process

We will help you zone in on the perfect review type that fits any process and any review cycle schedule. Identify, develop and retain exceptional people with Annual Reviews, Anniversary Reviews, Quarterly Reviews, Monthly Reviews, 360 and Peer Reviews, and more.

Consistent Development Discussions

Grow the manager-employee relationship and provide the developmental support employees crave. Keep the conversation going with your teams with the flexibility to create weekly, monthly or quarterly performance check ins.

People Friendly Performance

Avoid the dreaded performance review process with a solution that is fast and easy for both managers and employees. Our seamless user experience eliminates complexity and confusion for better user adoption and more timely, accurate reviews.

Empower Employees to Set and Track Goals

Employee Self Assessments can quickly and easily document, share and track progress against goals, and managers can cascade company goals for better clarity, communication and purpose.

Continuous Visibility and Referenceability

Customize goals as visible to all or just you and your manager. Constant access to past and present goals allows employees and managers to track their progress, and stay focused.


Continuous Feedback Drives Performance

Implement a framework for performance and goals that sets clear expectations and offers a structure for setting objectives, initiating performance conversations and offering timely and consistent feedback.
Develop and motivate high potentials
Inspire and retain top performers
Simplify and accelerate cycles for managers
Digitize and automate for HR productivity