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Episode 8: Jackie Ramage talks about culture, SHRM, networking — and pets

HelloTeam is proud to welcome Jackie Ramage, Director of People at Brief Media, onto the eighth episode of the Culture Corner Podcast. Listen as Jackie talks with Tanya Bakalov about the beginning of her HR career and the way she’s brought a distinct culture to Brief. She also shares her thoughts on how becoming SHRM certified helped her shape her skillset, her excitement about the upcoming HR Innovate conference in Tulsa, OK, and a fun story about how using HelloTeam has put dozens of pets in the spotlight. Listen on Spotify, Amazon Music and more!

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1:21 – Jackie on the start of her career – “I did begin my career in HR…. And I was doing a internship program, I developed my love for HR and all things, HR operations at the time, then I went back and I was getting my master’s degree and working full time. And it was just a great way to apply my everyday work life to what I was learning in school as well.”

4:44 – On recruiting for Brief Media, “Once I start talking about how passionate our team members are for the work that they do for the community that we serve industry, I can tell people get really motivated and inspired and I’d say today, in the world of the workforce, having a mission driven organization is critical.”

8:25 – On using HelloTeam, “For the last 49 weeks, I have featured a pet of the week on HelloTeam. And I started it in January, February of last year. And I was like, ‘Okay, maybe people will submit they use the survey function and HelloTeam, maybe they’ll submit their pets, maybe I’ll get a couple of them.’ Within 24 hours, I had 25 pets submitted.”

10:52 – Tanya on creating a compelling culture, “And I tell people, especially when it comes to switching a job, you have to put yourself in the shoes of that employee that’s coming in and say, Okay, well, let’s say you’re leaving a different organization, or maybe you’ve taken some break, and you’re coming back. How do you tell the employees that this is the culture that they need to be in?”

12:35 – Jackie on becoming SHRM certified, “But it’s a great opportunity to advance your skill set and knowledge and to share with your company the insight and the knowledge that SHRM provides. SHRM has so much information, it’s a great networking opportunity, like we talked about.”

16:01 – On the HR Innovate conference, “It’s the first weekend April here in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Hardrock Casino and Hotel. Like you mentioned, Tanya, I’m the co-chair of the conference this year. And our agenda is packed with amazing sessions. amazing speakers, we have some really great sponsors, exhibitors, HelloTeam will be there, so excited.”

20:40 – Tanya on joining an HR community, “It’s so important to also be a part of community, whether that’s your local chapter of SHRM or something else, where you can share those best practices, because we are all going through the same exact questions and exact struggles. And you can always find a great advice from somebody else that has tried to tackle those problems.”

23:53 – Jackie on one of her favorite HR books, “One book that I’ve called my HR Bible over the years, is called Crucial Conversations. And it’s the tools for talking when the stakes are high. And it is a New York Times bestseller. Like I said, it focuses on how to have conversations when whether you’re overwhelmed or whether you’re having to have a difficult conversation with an employee, that then you can also use it in your personal life, how to approach conversations from an emotional intelligence standpoint, truly understanding the why why people react certain ways in conversations, and I always recommend team members read it.”

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