Jill Corcoran

VP of Human Resources

HR executive focused on employee & client happiness, transparency and building high performance cultures. Extensive experience directing a full spectrum of HR programs at start-up and high growth companies.

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An All-Remote Workforce Across Two Continents

How Wyzoo Logo Uses HelloTeam to Shape Company Culture

1. Connecting Employees Through Mentorship

2. Celebrating Milestones and Achievement

3. Promoting the Manager-Employee Relationship

4. Key Takeaways

Remote Employees

Wyzoo is a decision enablement and decision management company, focused on helping their clients improve the marketing results. With an all-remote workforce spread across Colorado, Florida, New York, and Ukraine, Wyzoo employees found it increasingly challenging to promote collaboration and develop relationships with one another. Jill Corcoran, Vice President of Human Resources, made it her mission to establish clarity and direction as their team grows throughout the US and Europe.

Connecting Employees Through Mentorship


Connecting Employees Through Mentorship

Wyzoo places a strong emphasis on mentorship, encouraging employees to work together on their professional development paths. Traditionally, HelloTeam’s Skills Match is used by managers and admins to search for employees with particular skills, then use that information to staff projects.

Though like many HelloTeam champions, Jill discovered a unique way to use this feature as a tool to power mentorship.

“If you want to learn a particular skill, you can use HelloTeam to see who in our company has this experience and you can seek them out to serve as a guide/mentor as you pursue your professional development activities.”

Celebrating Milestones and Achievement


Celebrating Milestones and Achievement

With a robust workforce across the US and Europe, it could be easy for Wyzoo to miss an opportunity to celebrate company milestones. But Jill uses HelloTeam to make sure no individual or team victory goes unnoticed. Regardless of time zone, Wyzoo celebrates accomplishments together as a team. “We can share the good things going on! We can recognize good work, and summaries can be delivered right to our inbox! You’ll never miss a team member’s accomplishment as it’s displayed in the High Fives section.”


Promoting the Manager: Employee Relationship

A veteran people leader, Jill knows what it takes to rally employees around a common goal. HelloTeam helps her take this expertise a step forward.

“Goal setting is an important performance management tool that triggers behavior, promotes self-mastery, sustains momentum and aligns employee focus with company objectives. HelloTeam allows us to easily display key initiatives for each team member.”

Promoting the Manager: Employee Relationship

Jill uses HelloTeam to promote strong and effective relationships among managers and their employees, leading to the identification of key focuses and learning objectives. The platform’s performance review functionality “helps promote employee development. We can quickly gain feedback about an employee’s progress and turn that feedback into learning goals. Through the goal setting process, we can promote an employee’s alignment with our organizational goals and objectives and ensure that our collective efforts are aligned to serve our customers in the best way possible.”


Key Takeaways

At Wyzoo, continuous improvement is a foundation of their organization.

“We seek to continually improve our processes, procedures, the quality of service we deliver to our clients along with the quality of our workplace culture.”

Key Takeaways

HelloTeam gives Jill the tools she needs to constantly improve upon their desired culture.

“We live in different time zones, have varying priorities & abilities and we all want to align our efforts with the goals of the organization. HelloTeam allows us to stay connected as a team and working toward a common goal.”