HelloTeam Slack Integration

HelloTeam Slack Integration

Connect your HelloTeam account with Slack and increase your employees’ engagement.


Step By Step Guide

Add Slack to your HelloTeam instance
Just login with an administrator account and open organization settings page.
On “Slack Integration” tab you will find a button to activate the integration.

1. Settings

Go to Organization -> Settings.

2. Slack Configuration

Go to the Slack Integration tab.

3. Slack Integration

Add your workspace name and domain.

4. Choose the Slack Workspace

Just choose a Slack Workspace you want to connect your HelloTeam instance to, and give our app the permissions to communicate properly with it.

5. Ask your teammates to connect their profiles

When your Slack Workspace is connected to your HelloTeam instance, all you need to do is ask your teammates to start using the integration. By connecting their profiles on HelloTeam with Slack channels, they can use direct communication through Slack links in their profiles.

6. HelloTeam slash commands

Use our /helloteam slash commands to search for your teammates and quickly navigate to their profiles on HelloTeam

Get Notified for all that matters

When integrated with Slack, all employees will get notified about everything important happening in their organization. They will receive notifications about any news, events or surveys they are included in and also when their colleagues are endorsing them with a high five.

Find your Teammates

Using the HelloTeam integration, all users can search for their teammates and get useful information about them directly in any Slack channel. HelloTeam bot displays a link to users’ profiles in HelloTeam to help people find and connect with each other easier.

Get Notified for Anything Important

HelloTeam system sends users notifications for anything important happening in their organization. Events, News, Surveys or High fives, – don’t miss a thing.

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