Org Chart

Fully functional dynamic org chart, supporting visualization of more than 10,000 employees!

Org Chart
Drag and Drop

With our visual editor you can easily move people in the organizational structure.


Download the org chart as a png. That way you can add it to your presentation or send it via email.

Span and search

Search for employees within the organization by simply inputting their name or e-mail.

Business card

View employee’s personal business card and take the information that you need.

View Direct Reports

View the entire organization structure in different levels.

Instantly Edit

Instantly adjust reporting structure, employee data and more

Give a Hi5 for a job well done


Instant access to the info you need to connect with your teammates

Remote Teams

Know how to connect with teammates in remote locations

Identify Key Info

Quickly locate a teammate and access their profile

Always Up to Date

Employees’ access to profiles allow for constant review of information to ensure it is current


Get insightful details on your teammates and know what they’re working on and passionate about

Contact Info

Know how and where to connect with your teammates


Know what your teammates are skilled at and how they can help

Current Work

Know what your teammates are currently working on


Know goals your teammate and managers have, understand how they connect with your own

Give a High-Five

Give a teammate a high-five for doing a great job and see how many high-fives they have received!

Personal Details

Get to know what your teammates interest and hobbies are. Connect over common interests.


Instantly search for skills within your organization. Filter by location and or department.

Staff Projects Based on Skills

Find out who has the skills needed for an upcoming project

Promote from Within

Make recommendations on who should be promoted based on the skills they have

Skills Gap Analysis

Quickly understand where additional skills need to be added for proper staffing

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