Gina Jehn

Senior Director of Operations and HR Services

With her 20+ years experience Gina brings to the Prevalent team a fresh approach and motivated outlook on managing the company’s day-to-day operations.

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How Prevalent Welcomes Remote Employees into the Company Culture

1. Putting Faces to Names with HelloTeam

2. Using HelloTeam to Build a Routine of Recognition

3. An Inside Look to People & Culture

4. Scaling Culture with HelloTeam

About Prevalent

Prevalent helps companies manage third-party risk. It is the industry’s only unified platform that integrates a powerful combination of automated risk-tiered assessments, continuous monitoring, and evidence sharing for collaboration between companies and their vendors. Prevalent’s actionable intelligence provides the most comprehensive view of vendor risk, creating maximum efficiency for all Third Party Risk Management programs.


Putting Faces to Names with HelloTeam

With a global workforce, Prevalent needed something to merge their respective office cultures into one cohesive unit. In June 2017, Gina Jehn decided to make HelloTeam the driver of Prevalent’s people and culture strategy.

“Right away, as a Director of HR, I recognized this would be a great tool because we have so many remote employees. They don’t understand what’s happening on a daily basis and they feel a little out of touch. HelloTeam closes the gap between remote employees and the rest of our workforce.”

Putting Faces to Names with HelloTeam
Using HelloTeam to Build a Routine of Recognition


Using HelloTeam to Build a Routine of Recognition

As with many of HelloTeam’s customers, Prevalent customized HelloTeam’s recognition feature, “High Fives,” to speak to their unique culture. They renamed it “You Rocks.” Gina described their previous recognition process as “super time-consuming and a bit cumbersome.” HelloTeam has helped Prevalent eliminate the tedious routine.

“Managers can now see who on their teams are being nominated and what they’re being nominated for, all in HelloTeam.”


An Inside Look to People & Culture

Prevalent uses the HelloTeam dashboard to spread company news, celebrate big wins, and announce promotions. “In the past, I would flood people’s inboxes with emails regarding individuals who’d been promoted or whenever we have an internal company function. Now, this tool allows me to go to one place, add the announcement, and my team is made aware.”

An Inside Look to People & Culture
Scaling Culture with HelloTeam


Scaling Culture with HelloTeam

Prevalent began using HelloTeam just before their annual all-hands meeting and hasn’t looked back. As a Director of HR, Gina enjoys the flexibility “to keep it as simple as we want or build it into a more complex tool.”

Results Summary

Since switching to HelloTeam, Prevalent has:

Built stronger employee relationships despite geographical barriers

Incorporated new hires into the company culture from Day One

Enhanced their employer brand as a company that invests in remote employees

Maintained a formal and routine structure for employee recognition

Taken company news and announcements into one place

Boosted employee engagement and culture participation across the organization

Results Summary

Last Remarks

When people hear about our investment in HelloTeam, they say ‘that’s awesome, I think it’s great your company sees it as valuable to make remote employees feel a part of the organization.

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