#InternsMatter: Supporting Organizations and Their Interns through COVID-19

Through October, we are offering our all-in-one employee experience and performance management platform free of charge for organizations to manage their interns through this crisis. You’ll only pay for manager and administrator seats!

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#InternsMatter: Supporting Organizations and Interns through COVID-19

Who’s Eligible?

Any organization with summer or fall interns can take advantage of this opportunity. This initiative is our way of ensuring that the interns, many of whom are recent graduates, have a path to future employment.

The HelloTeam Platform

HelloTeam is the premier employee experience and performance management platform. Through our powerful and user-friendly platform, HelloTeam keeps your team informed, accountable, and engaged.



HelloTeam’s world-class social intranet helps your team get to know each other, regardless of where they are located. Share news and events, learn your interns’ professional and personal interests, and more!

What You Can Do:

  • Give Virtual High-Fives and Assign Badges
  • Track Skills through Interactive Profiles
  • Share News and Events through the Dashboard
It’s easy to create your profile, and most data can be imported via CSV or directly through your HRIS or Payroll Provider. Plus, we offer integration with Slack!



Keep your interns on track and accountable. With HelloTeam’s Performance Management Platform, you can monitor and develop team progress and host individual check-in’s.

What You Can Do:

  • Create and Cascade Goals
  • Hold Supervisor 1-on-1’s
  • Administer Performance Reviews
Plus, our advanced analytics give you powerful insights and identify your top-performers. And with our automated digest emails, interns and teams will always know their objectives!


Engagement: Open a Dialogue with Interns

Our tools allow your company to bring your team culture to the remote workforce. Surveys, along with our built-in suggestion box, provide an easy and anonymous way to keep a pulse on your internship experience.


What you can use it for

  • Gather feedback on policies and procedures
  • Ensure team happiness
  • Increase engagement and identify culture gaps
Feedback is essential to building a winning culture. Our automated analytics allows you to visualize your culture and identify gaps, giving your team the best experience possible.
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