Communication and Collaboration

Promote a culture of teamwork by providing the support a global and diverse workforce needs to reach their long-term goals.

Communication and Collaboration

HelloTeam Dashboard

Keep employees up to date with the latest company news, what other employees are doing and the upcoming events that are happening and more in one quick glance!

HelloTeam Dashboard
New Hires

Engaging employees starts with “Hello”- get that conversation started on day 1.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Increase employee retention by recognizing and celebrating employee’s professional anniversaries and birthdays.

One the Move

Transparency about promotions and career changes of co-workers promotes a culture of trust, support and job happiness.


Provide the opportunity for employees to recognize the good work others are doing.


The easy promotion of company news keeps employees connected and knowledgeable, regardless of their physical location.


Encourage professional development by promoting upcoming events and allowing employees to share if they are attending.

Open Surveys

Quick and easy to take new surveys by using the shortcut in the HelloTeam’s dashboard!

Open Performance Reviews

Constant access to open performance reviews by using the shortcut in the HelloTeam’s dashboard!


Maximize employee’s potential by understanding who your teammates are, what they are working on and what they are passionate about

Contact Information

Empower employees with the knowledge and ability to connect with anyone in the company, especially remote employees.


Promote collaboration and teamwork by allowing employees to share what they are skilled at.

Current Work

Ensure team success with transparency about what team members are currently working on.


Allow employees to set goals and understand how their work contributes to the company’s success.

Give a High-Five

Employee recognition significantly impacts employee engagement, so make sure to give teammates a high-five for a job well done.

Personal Details

Foster relationships between co-workers by having employees share interests and hobbies.


Effectively meet the changing demands of complex, diverse teams. Provide employees with instant access to the up to date information they need to connect with teammates.



Drive employee engagement by understanding what employees are good at and using that to identify paths for career development.

Staff Projects Based on Skills

Efficiently form teams by searching for skills within your organization and filtering by department and/or location.

Promote from Within

Instant access to employee skills allows manager to make better recommendations about who should be promoted.

Skills Gap Analysis

Stay ahead of competition by instantly understanding what skills the company does or does not have internally.

What I’m Working on

Empower and engage employees by allowing them to showcase and be recognized for the work they have and are currently doing.

What I’m Working on
Past Projects

Sharing past experiences provides the opportunity for peer mentorship and allows employees to take pride in the good work they have completed.

Past Teams

Grow the culture of collaboration and teamwork by allowing employees to share the successful teams that they have been a part of.

Current Projects

Sharing what employees are currently working on creates accountability and promotes an understanding of how an employee’s work contributes to the company’s mission.

Be Recognized

Workplace recognition provides employees with a sense of accomplishment and makes them feel valued, which boosts engagement, retention and productivity.

Find the right people

Available information about employee’s past project involvement allows for the creation of more effective teams.


Promote a more in-depth understanding of an employee’s contributions than that provided by their resume or job title.

Understand the complete makeup of your team

Career Progression

The number 1 employees leave a job is due to a lack of career growth. Easy access to employee’s goals, career progression, hobbies and interests can provide managers with the information they need to increase retention.

Career Progression
Find Mentors

Empower employees to find mentors based on their career goals.

Give a High-Five

Make others feel valued by recognizing those who have been promoted.

Quality Conversations

Accessibility of employees experience and passions allows managers to have meaningful, constructive conversations to guide employees career progression and increase retention.

Ease of Tracking

Easily track employee’s careers within the company to proactively identify those deserving of a promotion or career development.

Internal Mobility

A culture of internal mobility increases employee engagement and HelloTeam makes it easy for HR to source internal candidates for open positions.

Identify Future Leaders

Understanding employee’s career progression simplifies succession planning and benefits the bottom line.

Org Chart

Fully functional, dynamic, organizational chart that supports the visualization of more than 1,000 employees.

Org Chart
Drag and Drop

Visual editor allows people to be easily moved around the organizational structure.


Ability to download the organization chart as a png makes it easy to add to presentations or to send via email.

Span and search

Input an employee’s name or email and find them instantly within the organization.

Business card

View employee’s personal business card for quick access to their basic information.

View Direct Reports

Allows for the entire organizational structure to be viewed in different levels.

Instantly Edit

Quick and easy to adjust so the reporting structure and employee data stays up to date!


On the Move

Instant access to who has moved into a new role, who they report to and what department they are in.

On the Move

Complete transparency into who has changed roles or received a promotion increases productivity and perception of organizational fairness.


View everyone’s career progression within the company and identify those who maybe seeking career development.

Management View

Managers who are aware of the career path of their team members can capitalize the employees’ unique experience and skills.

Internal Mobility

Seeing the career progression of others motivates employees to work harder by providing hope that they too can advance their career.

Give a High-Five

Create a culture of support by recognizing those who have been promoted with a high-five.

Who Helps Me Now?

Empower employees by making it easy for them to identify who their resources are.

Engaging, fun and social content

Digest Emails

Everything showcased on the company activity dashboard is summarized in a concise weekly or monthly email digest!

Digest Emails