How People Analytics Can Help Your Company Prosper

Is your business taking advantage of people analytics?

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Engaging Your Employees to Get That Competitive Edge

When your employees are engaged, it doesn’t just boost team morale – it can result in quantifiable progress.

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Remote Team Web Conference

4 Ways to Dial Up Employee Engagement Within Your Remote Workforce

As hybrid workforces become increasingly common, leaders must keep up by generating new ways to motivate their remote workers and make sure they feel valued.

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How OKRs can help your company reach greater success

The OKR method is one of the most popular techniques for executives to set company goals. Let’s talk about what they are, and how they help you excel.

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How To Work With Your Employees In The Age Of Coronavirus

On every corner, there is a new story about coronavirus. Its global impact has created an endless list of misinformation regarding the current state of the virus.

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The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

There was a case of two encyclopedias in 1999. One was run by the most successful company in the world — Microsoft. It had paid writers, paid managers, and all paid staff that crafted, edited, and published articles on thousands of topics. This encyclopedia would first be sold on CDs and afterward through online access.

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How Moore’s Law Transforms Employee Experience

Moore’s Law transforms the Employee Experience. If you take a sheet of paper (0.004 in thick) and add another paper on top of it, how thick would it be? How about adding another 40 papers on top of it, creating a stack of 42 papers? You’ve easily calculated that — it’s 1.65 in. This is what’s called linear growth — you simply add the constant (0.004 in).

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Hiring for the 360-Degree Fit

The negative impact of employee turnover, and the positive value of employee retention, cannot be understated. We tend to receive more satisfaction from jobs that match not only our skills but also interests and personality traits.The process by which we match candidates is the most critical (and controllable) Read more

Employee Happiness Score in 5 Seconds a Day

Want to achieve employee happiness? There is undisputed evidence that when employees are engaged and happy, organizations thrive. If you have been surveying employees via an annual questionnaire, it is a good baseline to gaining insights into your company’s broad engagement efforts. Read more