Complete goals on the go


Both employees and managers will love the easy to use goals management module and better yet, will love the ability to build real goals based on a complete employee profile.

Flexible goals management

Can be used for the most common methodologies: MBO, OKR and KPIs


Each goal can be visible to all or just you and your manager

Self Assessment

Easily mark percentage of completion and make comments on goals.

Continuous Reference

No matter how much time has gone by, you will always have access to your past goals

Better Development Discussions

Quickly share goals with your manager and discuss how you can achieve them

Company Alignment

Understand how your goals align with company goals and objectives

Know what current projects your people are a part of

What I’m Working on

Tell everyone you’re more than your resume and job description

What I’m Working on
Past Projects

Showcase what projects you’ve been involved in

Past Teams

Showcase what successful teams you’ve been a part of

Current Projects

Tell everyone exactly what you’re working on today, not just your job title

Be Recognized

Give and get recognition based on what you are actively working on

Find the right people

Staff upcoming projects based on employee past project involvement


Get much clearer picture of employee’s contributions than their resume or job title

Receive feedback from your manager

My team View

Know and inspire your teams when you know more about them!

My team View

Know the goals of your direct reports

Career progression

Understand the career aspirations of your reports so you can help them get there

Hobbies and interests

Know what personally drives the people that work for you. See what inspires them


Understand the skill makeup of your team, know who excels at what and what skills you may need to develop

Trainings and certificates

Know what expertise lies within your team and where more training may be needed


Know who your experts and most tenured people are

Understand the complete makeup of your team

Career Progression

Know your teammates, explore their goals, track their career progression, view their hobbies and interests. What they are passionate about?

Career Progression
Find Mentors

Easily identify mentors based on your career goals

Give a High-Five

Recognize teammates who have been promoted

Quality Conversations

Have meaningful and constructive conversations with your manager and mentor to guide you in your career

Ease of Tracking

Easily track your career within your company

Internal Mobility

HR and hiring managers can source internal candidates for open positions

Identify Future Leaders

Leadership has the insight to see who the future leaders of the company may be

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